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04 July 2017

BTC and the end of an era 2021

Ok so bitcoin,.. [rough edit]

Now i do believe in crypto currencies but the story isn't that simple,.

In my eye, rather invest in the technology ;) so like buy some processors and mine the coins yourself, that way you are making the most return for your investment,.. Invest in the tech and not the bubble as such,..

Now remember i predicted the credit crisis 2 years before it started,. I see the next wave starting in December this year and thru 2019 to Jan 2020 massive shock waves to the current financial order,.

So last year Henry Kissinger, after Russia went into Syria,. Kissinger visited Putin,. In fact he is visiting again this very week!..
What's going on? We all thought Putin was anti globalists?..

OPEC is dead and or dying,. see the oil price and November 2015 for details,.

ISIS is Americas hissy fit regards the dollar loosing its footing as the worlds reserve currency,. Two stripes through an S  ... $$ Ancient symbology here people,. ISIS,. Lunar goddess, ruler of silver, the first coins of value, money as we know it,.

This goes all the way to Pluto being demoted and Ceres being promoted to dwarf planet status,. Pluto is fossil fuels and Ceres is a Roman goddess of agriculture,.
From 2008 the corn cobs in our fridges, the food that feeds humans, became a fuel for machines likewise,. The contest began right there,.

Fukushimas ongoing nuclear meltdown added to this underlying reality,.
Robots are the future,. Humans and machines are now fuelled by the same commodity, stock prices reflect this new relationship,. We will compete for machines for fuel source,. Essentially, are we humans or machines now as far as stock exchanges are concerned?..

Worker robots is where i am directing your thoughts here,.

Ok so ,. Putin OPEC Kissinger and Crypto-currencies,..

A new world financial order is in the making, electronic money,.
Quantative Easing QE has imploded the value of money since 2008,. Wiped it off the board in a quantum manner,. The money supply, look at world money supply graphs and see what's been happening since 2008,. BTC is such a sideshow it is scary people,..

Zimbabwe is the result, we've seen this, there's no denying it,..

So now,. Electronic currency is the future and Syria is the sideshow, the whole middle eastern complex is the sideshow and we all know Al-Qaeda and ISIS are a CIA construct,.

Kissinger was the messenger to align Putin to the reality that lets say post 2020, 2021, electronic currencies are the order of the day with USD loosing its OPEC guarantee is failing along with the world paper money supply,.  We have been through these transitions before,. from metal coins of value to paper money now to digits on a screen,.. Why? inflation and the worlds bankers convincing governments that their guarantee is why money stays worth anything,. [the completion of the 2000 Jupiter Saturn conjunction cycle in Taurus/ISIS/Money Zodiac, Nostradamus's prediction is still in play as such,..]

G.W. Bush's 'axis of evil' coincidentally being all countries who's reserve banks are not controlled by the Rothschild's network as such?.. I mean everyone knew Saddam was starting to trade oil in Euros,.
Ghadaffi was creating and African currency the dinar backed by actual gold,. These people had to go,.

I can promise you that no one gets out of here alive,. No one gets a free lunch and if you follow belief systems,. like for instance belief in paper money, i mean the whole of our current civilisations stability is pegged on such a bizarre belief,.. Even to to the advent of negative interest rates?.. Proves that as long as we are all in this together it's all just fine and dandy, no one will notice a thing as the degradation is all relative,..

So,. Bitcoin is, like Facebook, a CIA created test balloon of sorts to see how folks will handle it all,. I mean wtf is Etherium now? this isn't a freaking computer game yo!..  Even if it was just in the original funding that started these projects initially,. See Trump now? See Zuckerberg in the future,. I mean think about it, he, as CEO of FB will know everything about voter behaviour, he will know exactly what cues, keywords etc to use in his campaign, like Trump so elegantly pulled off now recently,.. Anyone could predict this, the Deepstate/corporation WILL rule the people as such,.

If you know ponzis, its a belief engine,. The last ones in pay the first ones out,. I predicted Bernie Madoffs situation to the month back then, this whole thing is a belief engine,. We cant stop working because then we wouldn't be able to quantify all the years we've worked so far,. I mean i worked hard for my house, so if i lose faith in the money system, then what have i been doing all this time,. so its t perfect ehhh, i have to keep going else i will go insane,. the fundaments of my secure reality will crumble,. This is our story,..

So,. all the peeps that climbed into bitcoin say past $100, they are the sheep,.. I mean how did you hear about bitcoin? And i am sure you heard about it from someone who said, yadda yadda, you really have to get in before you lose out,. Yeah, get in on the self perpetuating bubble,..

But what will happen imo, is that they will reset the currency when the paper system crashes or as such, give folks 1c to the bitcoin and start over with a new crypto,. From then onwards crypto's will be the shit but yes, federal reserve shit, banker backed etc etc,..

Right now if one invests in btc, when it moves and you gain, take gains and get out,. Use the cash before its gone,. Its not like owning Xtrata shares which will pay you dividends for 50 years 'guaranteed',. it's not an old order investment as such,.

The best way to be in the driving seat of this thing, imo,.. is to invest in the technology, people are heating their houses with the processing power that's going down mining btc,. The smart people,.. The machines cost only so much, the same price they did when btc started for instance,. But your reward for each coin mined has incremented exponentially,. So anyone can reasonably see the logic in that?.. but few will want to because humans are pack animals and want to be believers rather, followers and buy the lollipop versus the dirty lollipop factory,.. Btc bears the marks of the future,. sustainability, offers access to the small guy, well if you can afford the tech,. all the modern catch words, like new energy products where you can give energy back into the grid, just like crypto mining in packs and teams,. Rooted in a communal past/future,..

But yes people rather want the fads than the facts,..

17 October 2014

Construction time again - 2020 in focus,..

Hi again,. Well i have not written further as it's pretty much all been going according to the outlines discussed prior,..

Key themes out there at present being anxieties given the big action of late is the greater Malefics Pluto and Uranus in Equinocal and Solstial positions,..

Pandemics have been on my radar for Pluto into Capricorn since Xmas 2007,..  Recall Cortez off the shores of the Aztecs in 1521, Pluto being 246yrs orbit x2 = 2013,. So as such we expect massive civilisation being marred by pandemics of some kind,..

Politi-Corporate corruption also coming under this mover as Capricorn is the system, business, financial, sciences and Pluto is downright Political Gangsterism,..

Pluto is Nuclear energy as well and as such see how this perfectly blends South Africas ANC's Polokwane election of Jacob Zuma and the biggest Nuclear economic heist of the century,.. Note, USSR is also Iron Curtain Red /Plutonian classically in symbolism,..

Earth Science goes superstitious as even here corporations are swindling the lot of us in 'greening' the economy with poisonous mercury light bulbs,.. To who's benefit, certainly not the climates which incidentally 'changes' weekly/daily/hourly,.. Anyone who knows anything regards NLP/Suggestion techniques will realise that this is a engineered phrase for maximum argumentative effect,.. One is easily rendered irrational in any circle dare one counter the idea that the 'climate' could 'change' over any time span whatsoever,.. Three cheers to the NWO on that one,..

Uranus into Aries saw Libya, the Arabs 'Spring' into NATO's pants certainly where no end in sight to the bloodshed and violence,.
Likewise Fukushima which still to this day, a very real China syndrome real time, full scale, Western seaboard of the USA feeling the pinch wholly, but no, that must be fooey 'climate change' and not big corporations doing,. Lol,. it's all the slaves fault see,. No dirt on this hallowed corporate class,..

Funny to think that as the Euro finds the dream of eventual peace in Europe bah an invisible enemy arrives, drat it i sayye however could this happen,. One hint folks,. must be em dirty 'al CIAda',.. Peace for all, except those irrational Muslims,..

Seems 'irrationality' the world over is the heated target with David the Cameroonian even further labelling anyone willing to say 'conspiracy' as just as bad as a terrorist in a recent UN speech,.. Reminder, this column you are reading is on the recent UK IP blocklist,.. Why? because i don't support you purchasing on credit, a house on a bond, a phone on a contract, i encourage you to use your mind freely,. hahah nothing the corporation finds valuable at all,. So politicians should rightly protect you from that,. all the while they shall surf anal fisting sites freely and pretend to have your best interests at heart,.. This is truly beyond farcical,.. Jacob Zuma cares about SA's interests, what a leader ;)

Getting back to topic what's my eagle eye suggest is further in store then,..

Well Uranus will Square Pluto for the last occasions now in late 2014 early 2015,. 
That's December 15th and March 17th,

2015 certainly looks to be the cracker,..

To me the March 2015 one appears to be another big spike to these already obviously belated attempts at sparking a vast conflagration in the Middle East and Western Europe,..  March is N.Hemi Spring and the month to launch an assault if you want the Sun on your side,.

As 2015 progresses Saturn will be squaring Neptune, the other great malefic as such,.. Neptune dissolves boundaries and has rulership over bugs/bacteria/diseases etc, Saturn is Kronos, stone cold death,.. Neptune is in Pisces like the Macondo oil spill under the ocean, so hard to keep that all in one place as such,.. Saturn is in Saggiserious, long distance travel, international destinations, the globe,.. So this dissolving of boundaries makes more sense then,.  By March we have some attempts perhaps at banning overseas travel,. mmmm kicking off a war would do that to some degree,..

Mercury retrograde in Gemini in May would assist there as Gemini is borders and boundaries, neighbouring nations, travel documents,.

This all fits the phoney ISIS picture too as the Cameroonian suggests toying with folks travel documents to stop them errr, fighting in the east or in the UK, i don't quite get it, either way lets radicalise/marginalise/fund them more, that should alleviate,. Yeah common mans security, thats all his measures will alleviate lol,..

So yes May 2015 could be the border measures aimed stemming the tide of ebola,.  From August though it's all systems go as this puppy has been sufficiently spread around enough to lay waste to vast populations,. Mars venus Jupiter are over Denebola in October,. The initial Saturn square Neptune has the Sun with Saturn over Antares, the very darkest star in the heavens, primary of Scorchio, that constellation of death itself,..

2015 has Denebola written all over it,.. Denebola is that star the Sun passes around 11th of September every year, yes 11th of September,.. For some bizarre reason many notable persons/events in history who saw violent ends have this position in some way featured in their maps at birth or time of event,..

As far as i can initially see then, in the last quarter of 2015 Ebola is going to be a serious concern to the world population,..

Between wars, pandemics and nuclear fallout, 2020, the 20year conclusion to Nostradamus's year 2000 Jupiter Saturn conjunction cycle prediction will be coming to a close,. As such, the world bank is behind all of these, if you asketh i,.. The internet is for efficient electronic tracking, banking, propaganda and keeping our robot guardians in order,.. 2020 is the time these basics will be finally situated in place,. We are currently seeing the foundations being dug up and laid, so perhaps seat belts on folks as the ride is perhaps about to get rather treacherous given there is so much earthworks in order,..

People wanted to let someone rule their lives, a Mr Invisible, well the technocrats certainly are coming,.. Emotions are deemed a human weakness, AI is far more suitable for policing and human resources management,.. Robots are thus the future in a post fallout environment and beyond 2020 they will most likely become duly seated as our electronic guardians,.. It's all for our own good see ;)

08 January 2014

January 2014 - here comes the psychopathic onslaught of corporate 'authorities',..

Ok from what it most simply seems to be,. All the tough conditions in the skies early this year mean one thing, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! Psychopaths, otherwise known as 'Snakes in Suits' love the thrill of the fear so when you think folks will surely back down as their teeth are firmly lodged in your buttocks already, think again, they are perhaps just getting going,..

What's this guy on about!?

This New Year/ January 2014 we have the current rack of planetary conditions on the plate,..

Mars Libra 90deg Jupiter Cancer 90deg Uranus Aries 90deg Pluto Capricorn,.
Jupiter Cancer 120deg Saturn Scorpio 120deg Neptune Pisces,.
Venus Retrograde in Capricorn,.
New Moon 0deg Pluto Capricorn,..

All this adds up to, like i say, one hell of a punch,.  Almost as in your face as a president who showers accolades on his political party for the best Matric results in 20 years, 'since the birth of Democracy in South Africa' when in fact all that the psychopaths have done is to lower the bar so low, your 5year old could have passed the dang 'matric' exams,..

Ok,. obviously i'm stretching it somewhat there, but really when you follow the train wreckage to date #sanral #etolls #Marikana #nkandla #guptas #zuma783 #textbooks #deaftranslatorguy wtf!? are these psycho's on about!? Democracy is not tolling a road that has been built many decades ago! Democracy is not going after folks in a stadium that boo you for your obvious corrupt transgressions whilst you allow similar peeps to similarly loudly jeer your political peers,.. Democracy is not POSIB secrecy bills designed to keep your ministers purchases of R1,3million BMW's secret whilst folks are suffering daily,..

Democracy is not turning your own 1952 Freedom Charter into useless trash paper destined for the dump,..

No my friends, all these are clear signs, SANRALS psychopathic behaviour are clear signs this year is going to be the year 'authorities' ram it down your throat in large doses with sane reality, dignity, decency and honesty bulging out the trash can,.
Dare i mention the revelation of a hit list of top police officers destined to be gunned down for being errr, honest hard working fellas,.. To which the police 'chief' in charge responds,. oh no, we have dealt with it, it was patently false a revelation,.. Sure ;) Thanks guy,. No problem we will just go back to getting E-toll billing notifications in provinces far removed from Gauteng when we never even travelled there ever,.. Lol, bills sent to dead people, to learner drivers in different provinces,. Honestly, your 'authorities' are in full control folks,.. Tow the line, yield to 'authority', the meek shall inherit the earth,. NOT!
Hmm so this is supposed to be rant free for the lowest conman denominator,. lol did i just blurb that? The lowest common denominator i mean,..

Regardless to say all that is going on with our outrageous leaders can well be expected in our local lives,. In our neighbourhoods, in our families,. in our workplaces,..

If you think your partner is free of the stink this January, think again,.. Your employer? Likely shmoozing the whoring secretary,.. Your banker, lol he never was an honest man to start with,.

2014 January and April will be conflict central,.. Like pushing a square wheel,. Hear me now, like pushing a square wheel,. The room is full, cram packed and folks are heated, expect anxiety! Heck this January the Sun and Weather too are even predicted to be OTT so really,. you have been warned, it's hard hats on this January 2014,..

To clarify,. if you doubt someone this month, they are lying through their teeth,.. Yeap bonafide snakes,.. No don't wipe your eyes you are seeing true, snakes! Trust yourself and press ahead through the anxious conditions,.. Like E-tolling and SANRAL forced on you by your 'leaders' 'authorities' trusted servants, lying with straight faces to keep their compact with the devil secret,.

Forgive me, but sometimes its just how it is, a spade's a spade no matter how you paint it,.. Mars in Libra January through July guarantees foul arrogant mouths a plenty, the year of the fork tongue most probably then,.. Expect attitude! Expect to have to defend yourself verbally,. Try as hard as you can to keep calm in the midst of blatant lies,..

Saturn though Scorpio since October 2012 has proved the patriarch/male authorities to be patent liars, dead on arrival, scorpions with nothing but secrets to hide,. Philanderers and pedophiles the likes of you wouldn't believe and we predicted it years in advance, don't be naive, he's coming to get you! Silence is a guise, he's watching you and working out his plans to control you further,..

Uranus into Aries, the fire has been lit, they all seem energised by it and rally to the great cause in synchrony,.. The media and society are the devils whore as they are the enablers that won't let folks sleep a decent nights sleep at all,.. Who owns these media houses folks? IOL for instance get this, 'Independent' Online,. is owned chiefly by the ANC and ANC sympathisers,.. No wonder the newslines follow that which they do,. Don't be naive, it's all about money and believers being cowed into submission,.. Yeap you guessed it, as long as the civilians stay civil, cows they are sold to corporate shareholders with no remorse,..

Believe very little these days, stand firm in yourself, if you doubt someone close to you, you are correct in doing so,. Simplify your life this year to bring things into line,. If you have to live with a devil to keep the peace, never let them out of your sight, you can keep the upper hand, just don't be naive about it,. If it was Oscar vs Reeva last year in the psychopathic ceremony of the year,.. This year it is the powers that be, loathsome civil servants versus their own electorate,.. You think i'm kidding? Try play nice this January and see where it gets you ;)

Oh wait i was supposed to mention the positives,.. Now is the time to clear the closet out like never before, that stink that everyone can clearly smell,. Literally the New Moon with Pluto predicts we can exercise one spring clean of note,. That stink can be cleaned out, rooted out for good if only we have the control facets behind us, the gumption to really clean out the trash,.. We have seen it in one two instances already, it takes a firm hand though, resolve to follow through and really search out the night crawling scorpions,.. 2014 could be time to clean out the psychopathic predator class wholesale,.. Goodness do we pray civilites will rise to the cause,. Lord help them if they don't for 2020 skies show all manner of hell if we don't get a grip now,. All this applies to ones personal lives as much as it does the public life,..

Part 2 - Exotic Weather back in vogue 29 Dec thru 29 Jan 2014,..

As predicted,. check that puppy out,..  now that's an event to mail out to mailing lists if you will for me,.   An actual photo of the Sun from someone's backyard, the Sunspot so big it's easily visible,.

All text from

"HUGE SUNSPOT TARGETS EARTH: One of the biggest sunspots in years is crossing the centre of the solar disk, putting Earth in the way of potential eruptions. Rocky Raybell photographed the active region named "AR1944" yesterday from his backyard in Keller, Washington:"
"X-FLARE: Giant sunspot AR1944 erupted on Jan 7th at approximately 1832 UT, producing a powerful X1-class solar flare. First-look coronagraph images from the STEREO-Ahead spacecraft appear to show a coronal mass ejection (CME) emerging from the blast site. If so, the CME is almost certainly heading for Earth. "

Happy 2014, with a mega dose of energy coming our way this year!!

28 December 2013

Exotic Weather back in vogue 29 Dec thru 29 Jan 2014,..

Right then, as per my current hobby of predicting big weather,. something the SAGov now apparently takes a disliking to,.. I just won't mention some key extreme words then shall i,. So lame living with ones head in the sand,..

Anywhoo,.. Given we nailed the Phillipine Typhoon dates with these Heliocentric techniques, i see we are on the verge of the next wave as such,.. This is all based on J.H.Nelson's RCA trans-Atlantic Shortwave Signal Propagation research in the 40's, soooo long ago yet folks still prefer the head in sand pose,. Newsflash, Google is a search engine which one can deploy to reasonably search for such material, it's out there, been so for many a decade, this is nothing kooky, quirky or new folks,..

Basically 1-19Nov was the Mercury 1st quarter, within which any of a certain variety of angular aspectual relationships would have us 'predict' such exotic weather on the Sun and thence, hey presto, given it's the centre of our Solar System, wheyyy newsflash perhaps it affects our weather,. Damn this is Ritalin requisite reading study/learner material i tell ya,.

Then as such 20Nov-29Dec, as per Nelsons observations, 2nd quarter Mercury produces little spark on the Sun,. So be it, we kinda witnessed this in SA as weather patterns where i observe for instance have been so over the duration,.. Perhaps Syrian, Israeli, Egyptian 'once in a life time' weather caught me out there regards, yet as far as i can see, those were on 11/22yr timeline factors hence thus part of the Solar output maximum cycles,. Further i mention such as i'm not just trying to punt my book here but actually look for signals intelligence,. In fact many of Nelson original conditions were met over that date period, just not the basic 1st and 3rd quarter phases,. So as such, i am working with generalised patterns here, not zoning in on each aspectual event as such,. Which one can do if they had no life apart from train/weather spotting,..

So now 29Dec-29Jan 2014 we are lining back up for another generalised exotic weather spell as Mercury hits the 3rd quarter phase once more,.. Expect bigger Sunspots thence and thus, disturbed upper atmospheric conditions and thus, hey presto, all things being connected, exotic weather!! God forbid warning peeps becomes a crime, the Emperor surely wears the finest threads no doubt ;)

Dates within this period that c/should stand out, 30Dec, 3Jan, 10Jan, 18Jan, 23-27Jan and say a few days around's those, esp the day or two after, given these are dates the Sun should be firing one can expect a lag,.

Nice one, all in the name of allowing Astrology some room away from the crazy cats that call themselves 'Psychics' and what not,.. This is all generated through research, observation and mathematics, so really, David Camerooonian be dangged,.. We all know the basics here, Emperor trounces round pretending to be wearing the finest threads, meantime, peeps are simply dead afraid of challenging the status quo, obviously to their own detriment yet so thin skinned to keep playing charades till sun up,..

28 November 2013

The Satan in Santa - Xmas 2013

Hi all, well it's been a while as really everything to date has been
accurate so if folks have been following, there is really little new on
the go out there, December is just going to get way trashier.

Well we kind of have two stories on the go, Venus is about to go retro
in Capricorn near Pluto. Now as such, as per year start, Venus in earth
signs this year has purely been about sacrificing ones body to the
demands of a psychopathic 'civilised' corporate class of hypnotists.
SANRAL eTolling as case in point for instance, literally, rape the
masses folks, why ask one off rape queries in matric exams when you can
smash a nation one time. This is the key underlying in events like Reeva
and Oscar, poor blighter has loved his life under the achievements gun.
His body his own? or a signal of human torment and inequality. I will do
whatever i have to to find physical security in this life,..

And so it is,. Sacrifice the lot, who's happy? Any takers? Zip, it's a
slave camp, internet once deemed a liberatory novelty event, sorry for
you the bankers seem to have created it to err, hook every single comm
or transaction we make and yeah collect enough dirt on us through the
internets biggest data trafficker, pornography,.. Perhaps every single
boss/employers personal relationship is on the line given authorities
have dates and times of inappropriate internet activity. Like an all in
one bad ass brother over your shoulder, no RICA, no life on the grid, no
bank account or sim card,. All whilst real criminals like Krejcir play
007 around the country acting like the good guy, 'do i look evil',. It's
in your face folks this Christmas folks, 100% media/political/corporate
complicity,. But no, if you don't have a bill in your name, sorry, you
cannot bank with us or use a cell phone, nothing to see here, please
keep zzzzzzzzzing,..

So yeah, this Xmas, as Venus turns retro by the 22nd of December i have
been predicting 100% selfishness and perhaps full on psychopathic
pornography unleashed on the masses. Fear porn, you're a consumer item
porn, no way outta here porn,. Fact is broad sweep media's operand is to
help folks castrate from their physical persons,. The physical person
counted in the census, yeap a NYSE unit of SA GDP, so yeah, best you
strip all your kindliness from your person, it ain't gonna sooth you
jack all into the future,..

So yeah,. folks say i can be rather OTT,. Do us a favour and point out
the inconsistencies here in what i say, where am i wrong?.. Since the
manufactured 'Credit Crisis' abroad, bankers in concert with
universities and colleges moved in on the student loans market,.. To the
extent that you can search the net regards kids selling themselves on
street corners to cover their college tuition,.. Talk about learning the
ropes folks, take your little comforts and hold tight, water is no
longer your bodies free right,.. Things are changing far quicker than
any regular commoner can comprehend,. Everybody's smiling and waving
whilst on the tour bus, wait till the conductor boards and demands his
comeuppance,… All this because we won't rescind authority from obviously
forked tongued public servants,.. Really, it's in the Bible, do no
wrong, don't print Nkandla pics please obey the 'law',.. Note the
architects and builders on Nkandla site had 0% Security clearance,.
That's a round 0,.. Fobbing you off they are and with a fat piggy smile
at that,..

Nah, none of this bothers me, i've got mine and up yours if you can't
keep up,. Yeap, roots of psychopathy folks, like SA politics doesn't
resemble George Orwells Animal Farm to any degree,.. Fact is it does to
the nth degree, but no, the media is bought out by various interest
groups, even apparent Mavericks just spin the going spin,.. Want the
truth? Well chaps like David and his pet Chameleons have more news in
store, no more psychics for you lot, they are fare too contentious a

So yes, welcome to December a month of well fiery tongues, and frozen
cold hearts,.. Especially the girls we are assuming will behave in
rather anti-social ways,.. We are just seeing brats, never ending
complaints, want everything, do nothing,..

New years day see's one of the Darkest New Moons in New Years day
history,. Perhaps 260 or so years ago we saw similar,. Fact is it places
2014 in the scopes as a disastrous year indeed,.. We see fallen
economies, perhaps Japans Nuclear jungle gym will finally collapse and
with it Japans economy,. As if it was actually economic with all the
free money the BOJ has been printing all year,..

It's a comedy of errors, a smoked out hall of mirrors, a ship of fools,
a bad joke and unfortunately it's on us 'civil'ians,..When Guerilla
warfare really comes to SA, like it hasn't already,.. Folks will see the
corporate man behind the political puppets, as if Cyril Ram-it-home-son
didn't already display such during the Longmin Marikana saga,.. Zionists
call civilians Goyim, the suckers who take the hits for as greater
commercial political story lines unfold,.. Perhaps a thought why SA
presidents keep building fortresses to protect themselves post
presidency,.. Yeah it's because they love their brothers so,.. Spot the
Satan in Santa this Xmas before he grips his claws into you,..

14 November 2013

Suns still complicated thru 20th Nov,..

With near on every planet in the Heliocentric view involved in 180 135
90 45 '8th harmonic' relations, we are set for some crackling action for
sure through the 20th November,..
As if we can actually see the Suns field-lines twisting up and getting
complicated here,..
RH Nelsons observations vaguely suggesting that Mercury modulates the
Sun in a short term, 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off cycle,.
We are still 'on' through 20 Nov,. Off through 28 December,.
29 Dec fires up again for some crackling year end action, 2nd and 3rd of
January being the first notables of that phase,..